The Luminaries

Read Eh
Length 848
Quick Review A story and a mystery about gold mining in New Zealand during the 1800’s.


I am biased on this review for sure… Like every other review because we either like, dislike, or other sentiments about something. In this case, I did not like The Luminaries. I personally could not get emotionally invested into the story, and so it took me a great amount of time to wade through the text.

Eleanor Catton is incredibly talented in coming up with a complex and intricately planned out plot. She writes exceptionally well balancing description and action with prowess. Her characters have depth and roundness, which can only be accomplished through experience.

It was a technically brilliant novel. I did not find it pleasurable to read due to personal tastes. I know many people who did find it wonderfully entertaining, so please do not take my experience as the epitome of all experiences.

Memorable Quotes
“It was a strange thing to behold a whore in mourning – rather like seeing a dandified cleric, or a child with a moustache; it gave one a sense of confusion”

Title: The Luminaries
Author: Eleanor Catton
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Copyright: 2013
ISBN: 9780316074315



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