A Love Story TNYF

Title: A Love Story
Author: Samantha Hunt
Issue: May 22, 2017

“A Love Story” is my favorite fiction piece published in The New Yorker recently.

Samantha Hunt writes with such a straightforward honesty. There is an absence of fear when approaching topics most people hide or try to understate. The story seems jaunty at first, but all the moments, insights, emotions, and wonderings find their place. The story is full of quotable moments and morbidly funny looks into what it means to be a woman.

Hunt tackles issues of sexism and female identity head on without much nuance. I love this approach because nuance can be lost on most people.

I really appreciated this story. It’s about so much while also being about something so simple.

Memorable Quotes:
“Every real thing started life as an idea.”
“I tip taxi-drivers ten, twenty dollars every time they don’t rape me.”
“I’m not hysterical or crazy. I’m laying the groundwork for real honesty here.”
“I could kind of see into the rear windows of her house at night with a pair of binoculars.”
“I open the door. That’s the best definition of love I can imagine.”


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