State of Grace

I found out about State of Grace through the Instagram rabbit hole, go figure. The food looked too yummy to pass up. After following them for a solid eight months, I finally made a reservation for brunch. I pulled up to the restaurant to see they have complimentary valet parking. I had no cash to tip – no one should be that dick. I parked on the street, where there was tons of parking.


Walking into the entrance of the restaurant I was taken aback by the beautiful decor. To the front is a round bar, which dominates the Instagram-scape for the restaurant. The bar has tons of windows and a brightness to it coming from the light colors. There are several areas for diners, some more private than others. Gold is a recurring color throughout whether it is darker or brighter.

I would love to tell you I hadn’t looked over the menu repeatedly, but I had. I still had a problem choosing what I wanted to eat because it all looked so good. I was finally able to narrow my order down from the entire menu to two appetizers, two entrees, lattes, and dessert. The burrata was amazing! One of the more creative burrata dishes I have had. The biscuit with proscuitto and jam was absolutely lovely; the kind of biscuit reminiscent of my great grandmothers. The chicken fried steak was phenomenal. The shrimp and grits was bland. Not my favorite, but everything else made up for it. I had to try both the bacon and the sausage… Amazing. The bacon is candied. The sausage is made in house.


The service is truly amazing. They were kind and helpful with suggestions. The server knew a lot about the restaurant and the process. The seating was really comfortable, and once I had stuffed myself, I had a hard time convincing myself to get up.

One of my favorite parts of the restaurant is leaving… This sounds bad, but it’s not. As you walk out, they offer gingersnap moon pies. Ohhhh so good. I would have eaten four or twenty-seven if that had been an option.


I definitely want to go back for Sunday Supper, which they just started. It’s several courses for almost thirty dollars a person. Which really is not bad. I spent more per person on brunch. Although, you don’t have to because I just like to stuff my face when I go out to eat.

It’s a great place to read. There is so much upholstery it dampens the noise level, which would probably be quite high otherwise. If seated in a booth, it is incredibly comfortable to sit back and read while sipping on a coffee.

State of Grace
3258 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77098






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