San Antonio Day Trip

 Attention!!! Books are no longer my only friends in Houston. I have human friends in my most recent home city. It’s a very exciting development for me.


Even better, I’m growing close with another blogger. A business blogger and digital nomad (goals) from New Zealand. Elise runs the blog House of Brazen! She has limited time in the US, and we’re exploring as much of it as we can before she’s off on her next adventure. Where? No one knows.

On Thursday, we hopped in the car early heading West on I-10 until we ran into the San Antonio River Walk…. There were a couple turns, but not many. Being the non-early birds that we are. Starbucks was our first stop. Quickly followed by the first Buc-ee’s we saw. If you’re not from Texas and happen to be in Southern Texas, find a Buc-ee’s, go to the bathroom, buy a kolache, and try some beef jerky. I guarantee you have never seen anything like it before. It’s the most Texas gas station you’ll ever encounter, and we are absolutely bonkers over them.


Three hours later, we hopped out of the car and headed right to the river walk. We walked along the river looking at the beautiful architecture, bridges, art, and people watching.

The river walk is such a beautiful place. It stretches on a long while in several directions. There are areas where the tourists congregate, and areas where you hardly pass anyone. Sidewalks, usually, run on both sides of the river. They aren’t very wide, so you often have to “think thin” as people pass. Restaurant patios spill into sidewalks. You won’t have to search far for food, and everything smells amazing.

The river walk is teaming with life. People. Flowers. Water. Wild life. I really can’t tell you how gorgeous it is. The architecture is beautiful and varies. The bridges across the river keep changing. My favorite, however, was a bridge covered in bright green ivy… I don’t know if it was ivy, but that is what I’m going with.


Elise and I headed to the Alamo because, well, it’s the Alamo. It’s not very big. It’s beautiful. It’s always crowded. You could probably walk around reading every plaque for hours if you wanted. There are guided tours and audio tours. We weren’t that concerned with more than strolling through, which is free! Save money where you can to spend it on things like day trips to cool places or saving to visit her in New Zealand. (Fingers crossed you’ll all follow my adventures there.)

After the Alamo, we went to lunch at Rita’s. Elise threw chips for the birdies to eat. I stared at a gorgeous dog who sat next to us. We ate Mexican food completely content with our lives. Finishing up, we walked around the river walk for a little while longer.

After a fun day in San Antonio, we hopped back in the car for the three hours home… But also another stop at Buc-ee’s because duh. More kolaches were consumed. Beef jerky was bought to be taken home – I highly suggest the Bohemian Garlic. I dropped Elise at her place before heading to mine. Beau was ecstatic to see me. I – the non-morning person I am – crawled straight into bed.



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