Adagio Teas

Who can resist smelling tea?

I have a tea addiction. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you already know this. Over the years and through my travels, I have collected favorite tea stores. Adagio Teas tops the list. I found it my senior year in college when my best friend took me. When I lived in the area, I would often go to restock my supply. Now I am an avid online shopper, and I stop in whenever I am in Chicago. I even send it to friends when they are running low on tea.

The store is the cutest! It’s a few blocks from Michigan Avenue on State Street. It’s an easy walk. The back of the store opens onto a beautiful courtyard. They have little tables set up to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. The buildings surrounding the grassy area are covered in ivy. It feels like you’re stepping out of Chicago and into an English garden. The courtyard is usually closed on the weekend because it is booked for private events and weddings, which should clue you in to how cute it is.

All the things I took home; the book was mine already.

The store itself has big windows on both the front and back sides letting in a ton of natural light. One wall is lined with canisters of tea to smell. Under and above are bags of loose leaf and tea bags. It’s lit with white lights making it relaxing yet energized. One of the things I love about Adagio is when you buy four teas you get a fifth one free. Of course, I always buy in multiples of five. Who says no to free tea?!? There is an assortment of other teas, specialty teas, and tea ware. A few years ago, I bought a beautiful cast iron tea pot. It was the most inexpensive I had ever found but still very high quality, so I jumped. I was traveling and didn’t have the ability to bring it home with me, so they offered to ship it to my home free of charge. I love it, and it sits on my bookshelves between uses. They have adorable teaware ranging from classic to whimsical to humorous.

There is a gentleman, who I would guess is a manager or owner (I think his name is Lance?), and he has helped me almost every time I go in. He is so friendly and knowledgable. Always happy to chat and help with any questions. Actually, every employee has been wonderful, but he sticks out in my mind because I have encountered him repeatedly and have always been treated extremely well.

I love tea ware. I bought this in blue.

This time I stocked up on some of my favorite teas: spearmint, peppermint, mango, green tea mango, and a hazelnut, which smells like happiness and coffee. I also bought the cutest blue tea cup, which says Tea on it. I like to advertise what I’m drinking, so it works. I love they give little sample bags of tea when you check out; I have found some of my favorite teas that way. I also love getting tea to go because why not!   

If you’re in Chicago, I highly suggest stopping in! It’s cute, high quality, and inexpensive way to calm your tea cravings!

Instagram: @adagioteas
617 N State Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 698-9773




  1. Awesome! I’ll be in Chicago at the end of the month for a few days and I’ve been looking for some new places to discover. I love tea, so Adagio Teas definitely just made my list!

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