A Christmas Carol

The Greater Journey; Americans in Paris

David McCullough is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and one of my favorite nonfiction authors. He tackles every topic with passion. Never a dry moment within his pages.

The Size of Things TNYF

Title: The Size of Things Author: Samanta Schweblin Translated By: Megan McDowell Issue: May 29, 2017 Being a translator myself, I love that The New Yorker has been spotlighting pieces in translation lately. Very pleased! Anyways… Another short, punchy piece. “The Size of Things” is a look into infantilisation, abuse, mental illness, coping, and the … Continue reading The Size of Things TNYF

A Love Story TNYF

Title: A Love Story Author: Samantha Hunt Issue: May 22, 2017 “A Love Story” is my favorite fiction piece published in The New Yorker recently. Samantha Hunt writes with such a straightforward honesty. There is an absence of fear when approaching topics most people hide or try to understate. The story seems jaunty at first, … Continue reading A Love Story TNYF

Fly Already TNYF

Title: Fly Already Author: Etgar Keret Issue: May 15, 2017 A tiny story packed with emotion. “Fly Already” is an incredibly short yet poignant and sentimentally gripping story. For anyone who has emotions, this will reach out and touch you. Filling less than two pages, Etgar Keret’s “Fly Already” is packed with sadness and frustration … Continue reading Fly Already TNYF