The Size of Things TNYF

Title: The Size of Things Author: Samanta Schweblin Translated By: Megan McDowell Issue: May 29, 2017 Being a translator myself, I love that The New Yorker has been spotlighting pieces in translation lately. Very pleased! Anyways… Another short, punchy piece. “The Size of Things” is a look into infantilisation, abuse, mental illness, coping, and the … Continue reading The Size of Things TNYF

A Love Story TNYF

Title: A Love Story Author: Samantha Hunt Issue: May 22, 2017 “A Love Story” is my favorite fiction piece published in The New Yorker recently. Samantha Hunt writes with such a straightforward honesty. There is an absence of fear when approaching topics most people hide or try to understate. The story seems jaunty at first, … Continue reading A Love Story TNYF

Fly Already TNYF

Title: Fly Already Author: Etgar Keret Issue: May 15, 2017 A tiny story packed with emotion. “Fly Already” is an incredibly short yet poignant and sentimentally gripping story. For anyone who has emotions, this will reach out and touch you. Filling less than two pages, Etgar Keret’s “Fly Already” is packed with sadness and frustration … Continue reading Fly Already TNYF

A Small Flame TNYF

Title: A Small Flame Author: Yiyun Li Issue: May 8, 2017 I'm not completely sure what to feel about this piece other than: I think, everyone can relate to wanting to be something/someone else at some point in their life. I did not find the main character, Bella, to be likable at all. Twice divorced, … Continue reading A Small Flame TNYF

Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother TNYF

Title: Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother Author: David Means Issue: May 1, 2017 “Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother” is a very short story consisting of three sections. The first two sections discuss the impact or nonimpact of homelessness on the viewer. The third section being a small paragraph shows the feeling of the … Continue reading Two Ruminations on a Homeless Brother TNYF

Deaf and Blind TNYF

Title: Deaf and Blind Author: Lara Vapnyar Issue: April 24, 2017 A woman recalls her experiences as a young girl watching the adults around her love. Her mother met Olga, her best friend, at a fertility clinic as they were both trying to get pregnant. Olga never had children. Both women’s marriages failed. The little … Continue reading Deaf and Blind TNYF

Are You Happy? TNYF

Title: Are You Happy? Author: Akhil Sharma Issue: April 17, 2017 “Are You Happy?” by Akhil Sharma is an interesting look into alcoholism, culture, and honor killings in India. The story is told from the perspective of a young boy born in India after emigrating to America with his parents. His view is heavily affected … Continue reading Are You Happy? TNYF

Northeast Regional TNYF

Title: Northeast Regional Author: Emma Cline Issue: April 10, 2017 This story is really frustrating if you’re an innately curious person like myself. You start out knowing almost nothing, and you finish the story knowing next to nothing. Cline writes a well crafted piece about being an absentee father due to divorce. At first, you … Continue reading Northeast Regional TNYF